Sequential Round Table Alphabet

The Sequential Roundtable Alphabet is a strategy that can be very useful as a pre-reading exercise to have students brainstorm background knowledge or as a post-reading exercise to show what they have learned about a specific concept, topic, or section of vocabulary.  For each letter of the alphabet, students must write down a word or short phrase that begins with the specific letter. This strategy is useful for students to prompt them in remembering vocabulary terms or specific facts about a concept.  Teachers may allow students to brainstorm together or to discuss their completed charts with each other in order to engage in a discussion about the topic or vocabulary.  A well-completed chart may also serve as a good reviewing resource for students.

. In the math classroom, this strategy can be used in a variety of ways.  One great way to apply it is to overview all vocabulary that has been learned throughout the seventh-grade mathematics curriculum.  Here are the procedures, worksheet, and examples for this strategy:

Sequential Round Table Alphabet Strategy Plan

Sequential Round Table Alphabet

Sequential Round Table Alphabet - Example 1

Sequential Round Table Alphabet - Example 2

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