Mapping – The Web Organizer

Mapping is another way to graphically organize vocabulary or concepts in a text.  It is a great way to demonstrate how vocabulary and ideas relate to each other.  In particular, the Web Organizer takes one specific key word, term, or topic, and clusters other related topics, words, definitions, and examples around it, attaching each one appropriately.  Teachers may give out a diagram for students to complete, or students may draw the organizer on their own.  This strategy is extremely useful for organizing and connecting the topics and sub-topics of a particular chapter.  Students may use it for note-taking or to assess what they know about a topic in the text.  Students benefit from this type of mapping because they can see relationships between ideas presented in a lesson and present these connections in a logical way.

The Web Organizer may be used in the math classroom to build students vocabulary during the lesson about angles.  The procedure, worksheet, and example for this strategy can be found here:

Web Organizer Strategy Plan

Web Organizer Worksheet

Web Organizer Completed Example

For  more, see Subjects Matter by Harvey Daniels and Steven Zemelman

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