A Foldable is a three-dimensional organizer that helps students visualize, study, and remember vocabulary terms or concepts.  Students may be creative in their construction of these Foldables, but the strategy really lies in how the material is organized.  For use in mathematics, the Foldable should contain vocabulary terms or formulas, definitions for each, and detailed examples of how the terms or formulas can be applied.  There are many different types of Foldables, and students may be given the opportunity to create a variety of Foldables throughout the math course.  The purpose of this strategy is to organize useful information about vocabulary terms or formulas, and may be used for helping students understand, remember, and review words or concepts.

Foldables can be used to illustrate many concepts in the mathematics classroom.  It is especially helpful for organizing the concepts of mean, median, and mode.  Below are the procedures and an example for this strategy:

Foldables Strategy Plan

Foldables Example

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  1. This is an excellent website with so many useful ideas! Thanks so much! The students are lucky to have you!

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