Expert Jigsaw

Expert Jigsaw is a strategy that focuses on cooperative learning.  First, students meet in their “expert” groups to discuss and fully master a specific chapter, concept, or section of the text.  Then, the students break into their “home” groups.  “Home” groups should contain one of each type of expert who teaches his or her specific section to the other group members.  Expert Jigsaw is useful because it divides the reading into sections, allowing each group of “experts” to become deeply knowledgeable about their section before teaching it to others.  Students must work together in their groups to make sure every group member understands the material.

In the math classroom, Expert Jigsaw is helpful to use while students are learning about transformations and symmetry.  The procedure and worksheets for this strategy can be found here:

Expert Jigsaw Strategy Plan

Jigsaw Worksheets

For more, see

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