Dramatic Role Play

Dramatic Role Play is a strategy that helps students visualize certain concepts or events.  This may be done before reading to get students thinking about the concepts they will be learning, or it may be done after the lesson in order to have students demonstrate what they have learned.  Students may be given a situation, event, or concept that has been described in the reading or lesson, and they will have to physically act out a description of it.  This may be done as a class, in groups, or even just in pairs, depending on the concept.  Dramatic Role Play is useful because it can create a memorable visualization for students.  Through this strategy, students become involved in the learning process and can physically apply concepts they are learning in the classroom.

Dramatic Role Play may be used in the math classroom to prepare students for a lesson on comparing and ordering rational numbers.  Students should already be familiar with rational numbers before this activity.  Each student will take the place of a rational number and groups will have to order themselves from least to greatest.  Here are the procedures and resources for this strategy:

Dramatic Role Play Strategy Plan

Rational Number Cards for Dramatic Role Play
(these cards may be cut and used for this activity, or you may choose to create your own)

For more, see Subjects Matter: Every Teacher’s guide to Content-Area Reading by Harvey Daniels and Steven Zemelman.

2 Responses to “Dramatic Role Play”

  1. This is a wonderful website! I just started teaching math this year and have been looking for a site that actually offered ideas and the resources to model those ideas from! I have made your site a favorite home page for myself as I would like to use each of these ideas in the upcoming semester. I teach 9th grade algebra in the inner city and again am very grateful to you for making your work public. Do you know any other sites similar to your own? Feel free to email me any of them. Thank you.

    • Hi Jill –
      Thank you SO MUCH for your comment! I’m glad you like this. I would love to have feedback on how you used these strategies in your own classroom. I’m always looking for new ideas. One review I did with my kids was having them make brochures for a specifiic unit. They loved it! I also had my students create a book about math. I will post some new ideas on here. One of my new favorite websites for foldables ideas: http://foldables.wikispaces.com/

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