Say Something Bubbles

Say Something is a strategy that allows students to converse and record ideas about a reading passage.  Students work in pairs or small groups to fill out a worksheet and discuss their ideas about the reading.  They can go through a chapter section by section to record their thoughts and brainstorm.  It is helpful for students to discuss what they’ve read in small parts, rather than digest the entire chapter on their own or briefly skim over it.  It is also useful for the teacher to monitor groups’ discussions and encourage their conversations and ideas.

In the math classroom, Say Something Bubbles may be used after a lesson on dependent and independent events and probability.  They will have to identify whether an event is dependent or independent as well as come up with valid reasoning to support their answer.  The procedure, handout, and worksheet for this strategy can be found below:

Say Something Strategy Plan

Independent and Dependent Events Handout

Say Something Bubbles Worksheet

For more, see Subjects Matter by Harvey Daniels and Steven Zemelman

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