The Rewrite strategy incorporates class concepts and ideas with students’ creativity in writing lyrics, poetry, skits, or speeches.  Students may be required to develop class material into a rhyming form or story form, and they must think critically about the concepts in order to do this effectively.  Often, this strategy is used in the form of writing lyrics.  Students take what they have learned and may create a song or even a rap, applying relevant concepts, topics, or sections of the text.  This is a great way for students to articulate their ideas about a certain topic, as well as a valuable tool for remembering concepts or mathematical processes.  Teachers may use this strategy to write songs or chants for their students to use as a memory device, or teachers can assign students a section of the text to use in creating their own Rewrite.

The Rewrite strategy can be applied for many different mathematical concepts.  Students may create their own Rewrite to remember a certain concept or procedure that they will be tested on.  Here are the procedures and examples for this strategy:

Rewrite Strategy Plan

Rewrite Example 1

Rewrite Example 2

For more, see

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