The One-Pager is a creative writing strategy that can be used post-reading as a way for students to organize information or review the contents of a chapter.  Students are given a plain piece of 8 ½” by 11” paper and asked to fill it up with elements from the reading such as quotations, definitions, charts, graphs, or anything else they feel is important information.  Students are able to use colorful markers, pens, or crayons, and they can be as creative as possible in their organization of information.

The One-Pager strategy can be applied in the math classroom following a lesson on ratios and proportionality.  Students will be able to condense the information they’ve learned in creative diagrams, models, and drawings.  The procedure and examples for this strategy can be found below:

One Pager Strategy Plan

One-Pager Example 1

One-Pager Example 2

For more, see Writing the Natural Way by Gabriele Lussor Rico

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