Mix and Mingle

The Mix and Mingle strategy is a kinesthetic strategy that engages students in their learning.  This strategy can be implemented during a lesson to help students understand material, or it may be used after a lesson to reiterate important information and assess what students have learned.  Students may be grouped in a variety of ways, and they may pair off with each other or simply discuss topics with each other.  Each student is given a card with the name of a character, event, formula, number, or other applicable object.  After students study their own card, they will get up to actively participate and “mingle” with each other in order to learn more about a topic or to match up events or concepts.  Mix and Mingle is an effective strategy because it encourages students to move around the classroom while having them articulate ideas or come up with solutions or answers to specific questions.  This is a strategy that is memorable to students, and they will be able to build upon their understanding of the concept.

In the math classroom, Mix and Mingle can be used to help students understand the topic of adding and subtracting integers.  Each student will be given either an integer expression or the integer result of an expression.  They will be required to find their “match” through the activity.  Here are the procedures and resources for this strategy:

Mix and Mingle Strategy Plan

Mix and Mingle Expression/Solution Cards
(these cards may be cut and used for this activity, or you may choose to create your own)

For more, see More Than 100 Brain-Friendly Tools and Strategies for Literacy Instruction by Katherine D. Perez

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