Exit Slips

As mentioned in my introduction, Exit Slips are a great way for students to reflect on the ideas and concepts they’ve learned in class.  At the end of class, the teacher may state a prompt orally or project questions on the blackboard.  The prompt should be simple and may ask students to write about what they’ve learned or even questions they have about the material.  Students may use note cards or small slips of paper to jot down an answer to the question, and they should turn their slips in before leaving the class.  Exit Slips are useful for students and teachers alike.  They allow students to solidify their learning and connect ideas from class while also giving teachers a general idea of what students understand, demonstrating the effectiveness of a lesson.

In the math classroom, Exit Slips can be called “Ticket Out.”  This “Ticket Out” must be completed before students leave the classroom.  This strategy can be used after the lesson on metric conversions, where students learn how to convert metric units of length (such as meters to kilometers) and metric units of mass (such as grams to milligrams).  Here are the procedures and ticket slips for this strategy:

Exit Slips Strategy Plan

Exit Slips – Tickets

For more, see Subjects Matter by Harvey Daniels and Steven Zemelman

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