Background of the Project

I created this website to illustrate my thesis project entitled, Enhancing the Middle School Mathematics Curriculum by Using Effective Literacy Strategies.

As an intern in a middle school classroom, I implemented a few of these strategies and found them to be both fun and useful in the classroom.  After doing extensive research on many literacy strategies, I was inspired to create my own enhancement to the middle school mathematics curriculum that blends teaching mathematical concepts with content area literacy and thinking strategies.  Reading and literacy strategies in the mathematics classroom can serve as a creative means for students to apply and use their mathematics knowledge.  These strategies are effective, and they add variety in the classroom, as well, which is very beneficial to students.

I researched and developed a list of 15 literacy strategies that can be implemented in the middle school mathematics classroom.  Since I am currently student teaching in a 7th grade classroom, I focused on aligning each strategy with the Arizona Department of Education 7th Grade Standards.  However, many of these strategies can be implemented in any middle school grade level with minor (if any) changes.

I have organized these literacy strategies according to when they should be used in the classroom setting: “Introducing Concepts,” “Through Concepts,” “Beyond Concepts,” and “Vocabulary.”  Each literacy strategy page contains the definition of the strategy as well as a strategy procedure plan.  Many of the pages also contain any necessary worksheets or student examples.


One Response to “Background of the Project”

  1. Hello, Lindsey. I am so impressed with your website. I am facilitating some teacher professional development in Tulsa, Oklahoma with several other teacher consultants. We are working with our district teachers in creating curriculum with the Common Core State Standards. I found your site while I was searching for some information on one-pagers.

    Also, I am a member of the National Writing Project ( I hope you have heard of the organization. If you haven’t, you are a teacher who fits so well with the work of the group. You should see if we have a site in your area.

    I simply want to thank you for sharing your literacy knowledge with other instructors. I wish you well, and thanks again.

    Dewayne Dickens, Associate Professor
    Tulsa Community College

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